Why Us

Whether you’re aligning your personal and professional choices with your skills, personality and passions, trying to match people with positions in your organization, or helping a student make smart career and college choices, Riverbend Insights gives you the knowledge — including essential self-awareness — you need to make smart, sustainable decisions.

While there are many reasons to choose Riverbend Insights, here are the three most important.

We Go Deep.

Our unique suite of assessment tools and expert evaluation creates a complete picture of the whole person — values, strengths, interests, perseverance, preferences and personality. Most tools assess a one dimension or a single set of attributes. Ours gives you a 360° view, whether of yourself, your team, a potential or current team member, or a teen considering college and career.

We Get Specific.

We don’t just hand you test results. We bring you expert analysis and recommendations, based on specific insights from the results of the total of all assessments and interviews, and delivered by someone who’s invested in your success.

We Make it Personal.

We love guiding people toward their best future. We look beyond the profile to the person at the heart of it. We take your situation personally, and work hard on your behalf to bring you the clearest results and accurate, actionable recommendations.

If you need to find your best path, to match the person to the position or promotion, to improve team dynamics and performance, or to help a student find the right course to follow, call Riverbend Insights today at 812-284-9929.

Harrison Enterprises' Story

Harrison Enterprises is a small business with under 10 employees that has existed for 20 years. As a small business, it’s critical that each person on the bus is in the right seat, functioning at a high level, as any person that is in the wrong seat, or not engaged in productive work activity, can have significant impact on workflow.

Harrison came to us as they were experiencing low morale and productivity issues in 2 separate departments. Each person in the company completed 3 different assessments with Riverbend Insights.

Upon interpretation, we learned that 2 employees — one in operations, the other in client engagement — did not exhibit the strengths that were necessary to conduct the daily work activities of their respective positions with drive and passion.

The client engagement person was highly reserved and very fact-oriented with a strong “Peacemaker” trait, while the operations person was an extrovert, with low process orientation and a strong “Helper” trait.

Upon discussion with Harrison, we suggested that the operations person and the client person swap positions. They did, and not only are they flourishing in their new positions, but Harrison has seen productivity and client engagement activity increase significantly.