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How much easier would it be if every team member was in a role that was perfect for them? How harmonious is a team when they share a common purpose? How much more fulfilling is it to lead people who are in the right positions, doing work they’re passionate about?

Imagine all of that. Now imagine a process that could help you know with a high degree of certainty which candidate was most likely to succeed. A process that could accurately predict who is the best person for a promotion. One that can help you match each person to their ideal position — every time.

At Riverbend Insights, that process is our specialty. We use an eclectic array of assessment tools designed to offer a truly complete picture of the whole person — their passions, strengths, personality, values and interests. This rich assessment, combined with our deep evaluation, reveals the insights you need to put each person into a role where they can thrive and your team can be productive.

Our Values Profile identifies those values that matter most to the candidate, then compares the result with the values that drive your organization and that are critical for success in the position being offered.

The Strengths Finder, developed by Gallup, evaluates each candidate for 34 core strengths identified from a field of 15 million people. It offers a deep dive into how a person is wired, identifying the strengths they bring to the position as well as those areas where they are less strong. We then map this against the strengths that have proven effective for the position in question.

The ProScan Survey assesses personality and self awareness across five key dimensions: Dominance, Extroversion, Pace/Patience, Conformity/Structure and Logic/Rationale. It provides additional insight into vital areas including leadership and communication styles, energy level and motivators / demotivators.

The Strong Interest Inventory, developed by Myers-Briggs, identifies a candidates areas of greatest interest, and also risk-taking proclivity, determining ability and willingness to change and adapt as circumstances warrant — a critical quality in today’s constantly-shifting business environment.

Finally, our Grit Survey measures those elements of a candidate’s personality that predict resilience, tenacity and grace in the face of pressure and the challenges that arise in your business environment.

Taken together, the results of these evaluations offer a broad and deep picture of the candidate or team member that can be compared to the demands of the position or the dynamics of the team and the environment. Our comprehensive evaluation of the results allows us to accurately predict the likelihood that a person will not only perform at a high level in a given position, but also the level of satisfaction and fulfillment he or she is likely to feel as a result.

Whether you have a critical position to fill, are considering promoting one or more people, or simply want to make sure you have each of your team members in the role in which they are most likely to thrive and succeed, Riverbend Insights brings you the tools and the information you need to make the right decision every time.

Brad's Story

Brad is a married 43-year old, and recently relocated to the Louisville metro area from Oregon to be closer to family. Upon arrival, Brad began exploring career opportunities that would capitalize upon his extensive management and operations experience. Brad owned his own business for 10+ years, so he had sales and business experience, and he had also served in the Army for 5 years.

Brad was quickly offered a position with a large company as a District Sales Manager. The position would involve travel and extensive client interaction and entertaining. As he was contemplating his decision, Brad engaged Riverbend Insights and completed 5 assessments. When we interpreted the results with him, we found that his natural personality is very reserved, private and quiet, especially around strangers, and he has a strong “Investigator” trait (meaning he wants to understand how the world works, whether it is the cosmos, the microscopic world, the animal, vegetable, or mineral kingdoms — or the inner world of his imagination). He is constantly searching, asking questions, and delving into things in depth.

Brad’s strengths of “Input,” “Context,” “Intellection” and “Achiever” are task-oriented (not people oriented). We also learned that Brad’s natural Basic Interests are largely focused on math, science and research. Upon discussion with Brad, he decided to decline the District Sales Manager position as it would not have been a good fit and would have been an energy-draining endeavor for him. He would have had to “pretend” each day and create unnatural forced motivation to do a position that was outside of his natural giftedness. Brad continued in the career search and soon after found a position that fit his strengths of executing with excellence and great detail very well.