For Individuals

Where do you belong? Where do you find true fulfillment — that happy feeling when your roles and relationships are perfectly suited to your strengths, passions, purpose and personality? Imagine a process that can provide the answers to that exact question — one that replaces confusion with clarity and disillusionment with direction. A process that confirms and validates who you are and where you belong — even as your life and circumstances change and evolve.

At Riverbend Insights, we guide you — or you and your family — through that process. We use an array of assessment tools to look deep inside what motivates, fulfills and energizes you. This rich assessment can reveal where you truly belong — the roles and relationships that ignite your unique combination of skills and passion. It can show you a path to a more rewarding life, at work, at home — everywhere.

Our Values Profile identifies the values that matter most to you, then compares the result with the organizations and fields you’re considering, or with the values of those around you.

The Strengths Finder, developed by Gallup, evaluates 34 core strengths identified from a field of 15 million people. It offers a deep dive into how you or those around you are wired, identifying both your specific strengths as well as those areas where you’re less strong. Your profile can then be matched with the kinds of positions that prize those strengths you possess — or with a map to richer relationships.

The ProScan Survey assesses personality and self awareness across five key dimensions: Dominance, Extroversion, Pace/Patience, Conformity/Structure and Logic/Rationale. It provides additional insight into vital areas including leadership and communication styles, energy level and motivators / demotivators. And it shows how close your current self is to your ideal — and how to close any gaps.

The Strong Interest Inventory, developed by Myers-Briggs, identifies areas of greatest interest — and also risk-taking proclivity, determining ability and willingness to change as circumstances change — a vital quality for business or family life.

Finally, our Grit Survey measures those elements of the personality that predict resilience, tenacity and grace in the face of pressure and the kinds of challenges that arise in the workplace or at home.

Taken together, and coupled with our in-depth evaluation, the results of these assessments offer an eye-opening look in the mirror. They allow us to accurately predict the types of roles, responsibilities and relationships that are a mutual fit for who you are and what drives you. Or they open the door to a deeper understanding of family and take your home life to another level.

Whether you’re looking for career choices that are most closely suited to your personality, passion and skillset, or a way to grow closer to the people who matter most to you, Riverbend Insights brings together the tools and the information you need.

Karen's Story

Karen is a 46-year-old divorcee with one grown adult daughter who lives at home. Karen is going through a transitional period in life, post-divorce, with her adult daughter ready to leave the nest. For 20 years, her identity has revolved around being a mom and wife. She was ready to learn more about her interests and strengths, as she is certain they have evolved after such significant life changes.

Karen completed 3 assessments with Riverbend Insights. Upon evaluation, we discovered that Karen’s natural self at this stage of life is a bit at odds with the outward self she is displaying. That is causing her stress and energy drain. We explored different areas of life (family, friends, finances, work, community) to learn where this compression was coming from.

Karen has strong people-oriented strengths of “Woo” and “Relator,” is a natural extrovert and has a strong “Challenger” trait. She has low dominance and is very patient, so her natural personality is very cooperative, easygoing and amiable.

Upon discussion with Karen, she decided that some friendships in her close circle may be taking a toll on her, as they have not evolved as she has. It may be time to have direct conversations with these friends to determine if they are salvageable or need to be severed. She also decided, as she re-enters the dating world, that the character traits and complimenting personality type she may be looking for may have evolved from those that attracted her in her previous marriage. As part of her “Challenger” trait, we determined she may enjoy a good verbal skirmish, just to see what people are made of; that saying no isn’t a problem for her; and that she often makes decisions quickly and from the gut. These traits can be part of her charm and very intriguing to many, but the “watch-out” is to be sure to communicate her intentions well to others so she’s not perceived as harsh or rash.