Fear is a Liar

It will relentlessly grab hold and twist your thoughts, make you angry, cause anxiety, cloud your vision, hold you back, paralyze your dreams, ruin relationships and literally make you sick at your stomach.

Hope anchors your soul.

It will unabashedly make you brave, clarify your thinking, give you strength to overcome roadblocks, change your outlook, give you empathy, improve relationships and make you feel able to conquer the world.

If you are ready to address your fears head on and gain the courage to kick the lies fear has told you to the curb…

If you are ready to embrace hope and develop courage to change your future…

If you are ready to gain deep knowledge and insights about your true nature and wiring that will provide strength you didn’t know you had in you…

Please give Dawn a call at 812.284.9929 or drop us an email at dawn@riverbendinsights.com.

We love to help eliminate fear and bring hope into our clients’ lives. Your future awaits.


Where Do I Start?

This is the most common question I get from clients after we have had fabulous, in-depth, life-changing conversations about their natural wiring and strengths.

And this question is usually asked with tear-filled eyes or a voice that is calling out desperately for assistance.

It’s the exact right question to ask. And the feelings that accompany that question are 100% valid.

Because many times for months, years or even our whole lifetimes…we have allowed ourselves to be molded into something we’re not.

• It’s HARD to discern true friends who want the best for you vs. “friends” who want what you can do for them. It’s an ugly truth, but unfortunately people sometimes use other people for selfish purposes.

• It’s HARD to sever ties with unhealthy people as we’ve become “accustomed” to everyday life and it accept it as the norm. Our vision becomes clouded over time because of what some people say to us that is in no way life-giving.

• It’s HARD to see your strengths as beautiful and unique and worth fighting for when you don’t get encouragement. When what you want bumps into other people’s “happy” and contentment, you frequently not only do not get encouragement, you get shut down cold.

• It’s HARD to begin anew when you have been oppressed for far too long.

So when I get asked the question “Where do I start?”, I tell our clients the same thing every time:

1) By soaking all this truth in YOURSELF first, and believing it to your core

2) Then sharing it with your support system and ASKING for what you need: their encouragement

And then I let everyone know…call me anytime you need a “shot of courage”. Because I know you and see you for who really are – wonderfully different and worth fighting for.

And if it means you need to walk away from people or situations to be who you really are, we’ll find that courage together.