Find your best life…and live it.

Rediscover the joys of family.

Take the work out of your work life.

Make the right hire every time.

Build your dream team.

Find her perfect path to the future.


If our hearts and minds aren’t equally engaged — in our lives, our work, our families, our career choices — everything feels out of balance. We know things aren't working, but we just cannot put our finger on WHY.

Riverbend Insights exists for exactly this purpose. Our passion is to help you find the place where you belong and have things fit together- life, career, family, relationships, mental, physical and spiritual health  –  in a way that nourishes you and allows you to flourish.

We bring you a certainty that’s so often lacking — and so often liberating. We help people and teams discover, or sometimes rediscover, their confidence, pride and purpose.

Using a unique mix of assessment tools, personal interviews and analysis, we pull together a rich picture of a person’s values, strengths, interests, personality traits, and worldview. We then match those qualities to the specific types of situations where that person would function at the highest level and feel most fulfilled. Finally, we offer personalized guidance in connecting each person to the types of environments, relationships, career choices, and life dynamics that best fit their personality and interests.

To paraphrase Jim Collins’ Good to Great, we “get the right people in the right seats on the bus.” But more importantly…before that…we help people get on the right bus.

A Team With Passion.

Riverbend Insights can help you hire and promote with confidence, with real assurance that you have the right person for every position.

A Life With Purpose.

Riverbend Insights helps you align your strengths, interests, values and personality traits with the kinds of roles — and the kind of life — that will energize and inspire you.

A Teen With Focus.

Riverbend Insights can help your son or daughter know which college or career path is most likely to lead to a rich, rewarding life.

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